Shared Value

The same people who consume, sell. We leverage crowd and the power of networks to create a system that works. “Keeping it all in the family” reduces travel times and keeps all in stride as we orchestrate deliveries.

Tech Geeks (AI)

Our technology can predict what items you want. This helps us purchase in bulk and waste less resulting in lower costs to you.

Side Hustle

Our Captains and their team of delivery Riders are students. This is their side hustle. That means we give busy learners a convenient way to earn income or trade time for food.

Super Efficient

We only sell our own stuff. That means everything we stock is in our warehouse close to campus and our sellers go from point A to point B. It also allows us to charge you less and still make our shareholders happy.

Business Model

We share profits with our Captains and charge a fixed $2 delivery fee. This keeps them hungry (metaphorically) and motivated, while holding us accountable for a great experience.


We don’t use cars to make deliveries. Our Captains and their team of Riders are hyper local and only use electric scooters, keeping us completely green and allowing us to keep prices down and deliveries fast.